We care for military families

Through our ongoing interaction with the Scott Air Force Base community, CrossHaven Church has developed several key commitments: 

1. CrossHaven provides exceptional care to members of the military and their families. Hebrews 10:24 tells the us to "consider how to stir up one another to faith and good works." CrossHaven has developed a culture of insightful, creative and timely care for one another. We consider our responsibility to care for another in practical ways to be a great priviledge. In so doing, CrossHaven is the kind of church that happily bears some of the burden inccurred on families during relocation, TDY and, deployment. 

2. CrossHaven nourishes the whole family with rich Biblical teaching and preaching. We know that military service puts stress on the soul. When life circumstances feel unpredictable and ever-changing, a relationship with the eternally steadfast God is essential. CrossHaven delights in the rock-solid and unchanging word of God. Through Christ and his word, we have an anchor for our souls that stands firm. 

3. CrossHaven gives military members opportunities to connect to the community at large. Christians need to minister. We learn so much about the Lord through actively living our faith and serving one another. Military members often find it difficult to find ministry roles within a local church because their time with that church is probably going to be limited. CrossHaven has come to appreciate this and is intent on finding ways for military families to join us in serving the community.

4. CrossHaven provides immediate and free biblical counseling to members of the military. Every Christian needs discreet, compassionate, direct and most importantly, biblical counsel from time to time. The stress that military life puts on individuals and families is well-known. CrossHaven has a number of trained Biblical counselors ready to give hope and guidance to people struggling with marriage, addiction, parenting, depression and many other common life problems. In summary, CrossHaven is a church which was originally planted in direct contact with families and individuals serving in the military. While we would never claim to have it all figured out, we would like to think that we have developed some key commitments that will make a positive difference in the lives and families of those who are serving our nation. We aren't the closest church to SAFB. We certainly aren't the biggest. We do however feel comfortable in encouraging the SAFB community to visit us and see if perhaps the Lord might have a place for them at CrossHaven Church. Visit us at 1406 W. Main St in downtown Belleville. Our weekly worship begins at 10:30am. Dress is casual.