About Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling is a kind of intentionally helpful conversation where two or more people gather to process a particular problem through the life giving matrix of God's word.

Typically a biblical counseling relationship will develop along the following course:

Step 1: Initial Contact: You may call or email us. Someone will be in touch to arrange a meeting time. They will also arrange to send you a Personal Data Inventory (PDI) Form or you can download a copy by clicking here. You will need to bring this form with you on your first visit.

Step 2: Getting To Know You: Your counselor will spend most of the first and second appointments getting to know you and your situation. The counselor will use the information you provide on the PDI form as a guide for further discussion.

Step 3: Finding Solutions: Over the next several weeks, you and the counselor will meet to find solutions to your problem. During that time you will be assigned homework which will require a little extra work during the week. This process will continue until clear progress has been made.

Step 4: Follow Up/Tune Up: Several weeks after the sessions have ended, your counselor will contact you to discuss how things are going. If there is a need for additional meetings, your counselor will make appropriate arrangements.